A Thousand Invisible Cords: An American Lawyer's Unorthodox Journey
"An absorbing, provocative, and enormously instructive look under the hood of the machine that is the American legal system. Perliss has woven his legal stories into a page turner as compelling as any best-selling novel, but, shockingly, what you'll read here is all true. Anyone who's had contact with the law, even a traffic ticket, must read this book!" -- Leonard Mlodinow, #1 NY Times best-selling author of The Grand Design

"A fascinating look at how the legal system really works. If ever, God forbid, you need a lawyer to get you out of a jam, it's obvious that with his experience, Sanford Perliss is your man. Highly recommended!" -- Alex Abella, author of soldiers of Reason: The Rand Corporation and the Rise of the American Empire

"When I picked up A Thousand Invisible Cords, I did not anticipate being glued to it from start to finish. Besides the captivating subject matter (who doesn't enjoy a good book about criminal law, or the legal system in general?), the author's prose is clean and riveting, peppered with amusing anecdotes. All the while, he managed to keep me wanting more. This isn't some stuffy law book, it's a true journey that every one who is interested in law, or crime, or even the experience of living/working abroad, should explore." -- Lexi, Amazon customer review

"A Thousand Invisible Cords is a very entertaining book thanks to the author's style -- direct, succinct and clever, like a convincing closing argument -- and its myriad plots and characters -- stories of people who got in trouble with the law because of ignorance, lack of judgment, greed, penchant for evil or other human nature frailty. The book is interesting for any ordinary reader -- once you start it you can't put it down, you wish for more chapters or a follow-up. But this book is first a must-read for anybody interested in a legal career as, beyond the letter of the law, Perliss reveals the wheelings and dealings that go on behind closed doors "in chambers" in most cases. This great book reveals a very successful career, and behind a gifted author we see the serious, passionate and compassionate professional who gives his m├ętier a good name." -- Dana Moraru, Amazon customer review

"I give this a five star rating. Mr. Perliss's book will definitely be recommended by me to my book club. And I expect we'll be discussing it and referring to it a lot. Finally, we get a bird's eye view of how the system works from one its practitioners (but without the legal jargon). "A Thousand Invisible Cords" is an apt title. The author clearly walks us through the maze that is our system; while showing us the emotional push/pull every encounter with the law involves." -- Faye C Pearl, Amazon customer review

"Forget the law shows you have seen on TV - this book portrays the real thing, and it is a pleasure to read. A criminal defense lawyer (and former assistant District Attorney), Sandy Perliss employs an easy-to-read and casual narrative style to give us a fascinating look at some of the many - and often lurid - criminal cases he has handled over the years. Along the way, he offers numerous valuable insights into the theory and functioning of our criminal justice system. But there is another level to the social analysis in this book: Perliss specializes as an attorney for the ex-patriot Chinese community, and many of the cases he details involve Chinese clients living in Los Angeles. Those stories provide great insight into Chinese culture, and how it differs from our own. This book is rare find - both a page turner, and an eye-opener! I highly recommend it!" -- Donna Scott, Amazon customer review

"I feel this is a must for anyone that has little or no knowledge regarding the legal system. This makes for very easy reading and touches on a thousand things that one can find both interesting and enlightening in how the system actually works. I would highly recommend it to young adult on up. It would be suitable for High School and College library shelves." --Belva M. Watkins, Amazon customer review

"Such a well written book! I loved every second I was reading it!! Couldn't put it down! Read it in bed, at work, EVERYWHERE!! I recommend it to EVERYONE.--Nicole, Amazon customer review

"This is a fascinating book full of stories about the criminal justice system. Very entertaining and insightful if you don't know much about the justice system or how it is run. A very good summer read." --mkhs, Amazon customer review

"Sanford Perliss' story is one worth reading. With humor, grace and intellect, he makes it sound fun again to be a lawyer!" --Julie Pearl, Amazon customer review

"If only this book was translated in other languages for our Chinese/Vietnamese parents to read! It's a crash course for immigrant families to understand how the system works." --Lori Luu, Amazon customer review

"A well-written, fast-paced, exciting, and interesting read. This book keeps you hooked from beginning to end. It answers the question asked by most people who are not in the legal criminal field, "How could you represent someone who is guilty of a crime?" A must read!" --MM, Amazon customer review

"Mr. Perliss is a masterful storyteller as well as being a crackerjack lawyer! You will enjoy learning how the justice system really works from an insider's view, and following the ups and downs of a criminal and immigration law practice in the supreme melting pot that is Los Angeles. This book is for everyone. There is no legalese, just great straightforward storytelling. His cases take him from L.A. to China to Europe, while he makes astute observations as to how the cultural differences impact the procedures. He refrains from a lot of judgment and relates the absurdities as well as the strengths of the systems. He speaks Chinese,and is licensed to practice in China which adds depth to the representation of his Chinese ethnic clientele in Los Angeles and some great China memories. His ability to compare and contrast legal systems is illuminating. The book's title refers to the bonds that tie us to one another and lead us to the next step of our journeys. Would be a great book club selection!!! Loved it!!--Clair Light, Amazon customer review